A New Spirit

                               a Journey to begin ...


A spiritual awakening, a new awareness and understanding, you now begin to realize that there is a specific universal purpose for all that is and this is just the beginning. As we learn to connect with the inner flow of our intuition we start to notice a rhythm or what we can call synchronicity. It is this natural rhythm that will create a perfect balance. Without resistance we allow ourselves to move within this flow and we feel a sense of acceptance of what life is offering us. We have now reached a point where we are ready to connect with our higher self. The changes begin and there is nothing outside of us that we need for this to happen and nothing to keep  us from it. Have patience and know that once we've allowed ourselves to continue our journey with a better understanding of who we are, our life is more meaningful and we honor our inner growth as another step towards our spiritual being. It is this new awakening that has ignited the desire inside each of us to evolve and to know that we are exactly where we need to be.



 Contact info - sjdremow@gmail.com

 Location - Warrington PA




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